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CRI Genetics has impressed us the most, out of all the DNA Testing companies we’ve come across here at Genetics Digest. They’re the only company that’s headed by a well-known professional geneticist, Alexei Fedorov. The patented software he developed to analyze DNA samples is the most advanced technology we’ve seen. Their Ancestry reports are top-notch and their level of detail and accuracy is way ahead of the competition.

Their test includes complete detail break down of regions and countries within African, Asian, European, Indian continents as well as Jewish ancestry. They offer Haplo group reports which can trace your family lineage through your mothers and your fathers side all the way back thousands of years. In addition to ancestry they offer and provide health and wellness reports, DNA nutrition and weight loss reports, and help you identify ways you can improve your lifestyle and health.

Add onto that their friendly customer service, U.S.-based CLIA certified lab, uses highest quality security measures. They are also the only company to offer a unique “Efficiency Guarantee” return policy. It’s simply clear that CRI Genetics gives you the best bang for your buck.

Company Background:

Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D., started out at Harvard University as an apprentice to Nobel Prize-winning scientist Walter Gilbert, a partner to fellow Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson who along with two other scientists discovered the structure of DNA. Alexei has continued his track record for success and leadership in the field of genetic science for over 35 years.

Now a tenured professor and Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at the University of Toledo, he has developed, guided, and has been involved with many different research projects, and his papers have been cited by other experts literally hundreds of times.

Mr. Fedorov had partnered up with Cellular Research Institute as the Chief Scientific Officer for their Genetics Department CRI Genetics. Working on a big new project, to help improve human life and further Mankind’s understanding of the human genome. To provide advanced genetic reports to individuals, so they can discover themselves, their ancestral past and improve their lives, health and well being.

Once we discovered that Mr. Fedorov had partnered up with the renowned Cellular Research Institute for a big new project, we here at Genetics Digest were really excited to see what he was working on. CRI Genetics does not disappoint.

CRI Genetics Pros:

  • Most Advanced Autosomal DNA Test (not limited by gender)
  • VERY Detailed Ancestry Reports (Include country detail, & Jewish Ancestry)
  • Health, Wellness & Traits Reports Available
  • Advanced Security Measures
  • Efficiency Guarantee” Refund Policy

CRI Genetics Cons:

  • Frequently Back-Ordered
  • Only Ships in United States, Mexico, Canada, & UK
  • Only Ships During Standard Business Hours

Their Services:

How it works:

Ancestry Report

A complete breakdown of your heritage.

Ancestry Timeline Report

Find out when a certain heritage entered your lineage.

Maternal Haplo Report

Find out about your haplogroup from your mother's side.

Paternal Haplo Report

Find out about your haplogroup from your father's side.

Famous People Report

Find out which famous people share the sample haplogroup as you.

CRI Genetics also offer 50+ Health & Wellness Reports

Here is a list of just a few of those reports, each report expands further into a wealth of information about you, that you can put to use in your daily life.

We purchased some DNA tests from CRI Genetics for this review. This is what happened…

2 out of 5 of us were selected for a special offer for mtDNA and Y-DNA Haplogroup reports, which CRI Genetics doesn’t offer to everyone due to a high demand for the limited number of spots they’re able to fill for those more advanced reports. Each Haplogroup report requires extra analyzation on top of what they do for the usual Ancestry Report.

The day after our purchase, we received an email from CRI Genetics letting us know that our order shipped. 3 days later, our kits arrived. They included simple, easy-to-understand directions about how to collect our DNA and send it back to them in a postage-paid package. We also had to register our kit online, which is standard with most DNA testing companies because it helps them keep track of which DNA sample belongs to which customer when they first receive the sample. We called their customer service team to see if they would walk us through it and they were very friendly and helpful (we didn’t actually need help, but were testing them).

Once we registered our kits and sent our DNA samples back to them, we waited…

Throughout the time waiting, CRI Genetics were courteous enough to update us throughout the process. We received emails with updates, we were able to log into their customer portal for updates, and we were able to call in several times to get updates from live customer service reps.

Once the reports were finally ready, we were very impressed with the level of detail, especially in the Haplogroup reports. CRI Genetics really knocks it out of the park when it comes to delivering quality information, accurately.

How They Do It:

CRI Genetics uses an advanced genotyping chip technology with ancestry analysis software developed by Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D. In order to calculate your unique BioGeographical Ancestry, Mr. Fedorov’s software compares your DNA against thousands of other samples from around the world, specifically examining 642,824 markers across your entire genome. The analysis combines Genetics with Anthropoogy and Social Science to create the most accurate and advanced Ancestry reports we’ve seen.

Return Policy:

CRI Genetics has a unique “Efficiency Guarantee,” where they promise to get you your reports in 8 weeks or less or else you can get your money back. This is unprecedented in an industry that’s known for taking time to produce results and in which return policies are rare.

User Reviews Found Online:


“I Feel Like I Know Myself And My Family Better Now.”
The discoveries I made with CRI Genetics have given me a completely new understanding of my family history. It’s been so exciting to take this journey. I feel like I know myself and my family better now.
-Andrew K


“I Was Never Sure About My Heritage, But CRI Genetics Helped Reveal My Unique Mix Of Ancestry.”
CRI Genetics gave me a better understanding of my background and genetic makeup. I was never sure about my heritage, but CRI Genetics helped reveal my unique mix of ancestry. I absolutely recommend it!

-Ashley J


“I Love My Adopted Family, But I Really Wanted To Know!”
As an adoptee, I didn’t know anything about my parents or what my biological family history looked like at all. I love my adopted family, but I really wanted to know! CRI Genetics helped solve the mystery for me.

-Sara H


“It Was A Simple Dna Test... Swab One Cheek, Then The Other Put Into The Postage-Paid Box.”
instructions are straight forward and very simple. It was a simple dna test... swab one cheek, then the other put into the postage-paid box. One thing it didn't include was how fast it was going to get results, I did an ancestry test last year and took almost 10 weeks, this test from crigenetics took only 3 weeks to get results. Glad I did it. The detail in the report is amazing, I can see my breakdown by about 15 different countries, and even shows small percentages of where bits of my dna came from, like 2% Scottish, 12% British, 1% south east Asian. Great test!

-Tabitha S

Purchase Options Directly From CRI Genetics Official Website:

Discounts vary depending on the current promotion offered by CRI Genetics, and you can see most up to date promotions bellow.*

Note: Any Special Discounts available are listed bellow and are on a first come first serve basis, We can only guarantee any special order options for the day you visit this website, discounts may be updated on a daily basis and may not be available in the future.

**24 Hour Special**
**Ends On // 10pm EST**

Purchase Options Directly From CRI Genetics Official Website:

Payments Accepted:



Was: $99


Was: $199

Ancestry Features

Advanced BioGeographical Ancestry Report

Discover the Ancient Origins of your DNA as our advanced algorithm explores the oldest depths of your family history

Recent Ancestry Analysis

Reveal your most recent family stories. This should confirm what you already know about your Ancestry while adding a few surprises.

Ancestry Timeline Report

Get an estimated year in history when each Ancestry entered your family line. This will help fill in missing pieces of your family tree.

Health Features
See full list of reports

Trait Reports

Learn interesting genetic features about yourself, including physical features (hair/eye color), unique senses of smell, and many more.


Health and Wellness Reports

Understand how your body responds to substances like caffeine and alcohol. Also learn about your sleep cycle and hormone levels.


Allergy Reports

Find out what allergies and sensitivities you may be susceptible to. Also get useful tips that help you live with your allergies and sensitivities.


Nutrition Reports

Know what your body needs and how it processes certain foods, so you can plan meals that are perfect for your body!


Weight Loss / Metabolism Reports

Discover a Blueprint for weight loss, customized to your body with a DNA-based analysis of your body’s strengths and needs.


Other Features

World-Class Customer Support

Our customer care team is ready to answer questions before, during, AND after you take your DNA test. Call, email, or tap on the chat button anytime!

8-Week Efficiency Guarantee

We’re proud to offer the only money-back guarantee in the industry. You get your reports fast or you get your money back.

Reliable Privacy & Security

Your information is separated from your DNA, encrypted, and stored in an offline server. We will never share your info without your explicit permission, ever.

Ancestry+Health Discount

Health, Wellness, Traits, Allergy, Nutrition, and Weight Loss reports.

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Was: $99


Was: $199

*Results may be experienced differently by different individuals. This report is developed from clinical studies, research, and customer reviews analyzed by the editors. Further supporting research and documentation can be found in the "Research" section as well as the "Disclosure" section of GeneticsDigest.com


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