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The Leader in Price, Power and Performance

The value you gain from a CRI Genetics DNA test is unmatched. Not only does CRI’s ancestry test provide the most detailed timeline on the market, with up to 1000+ years of your family history, CRI also offers it at an unbeatable price. In fact, you can trace your family history up to 50 generations for less than the price of a history textbook!

Of course, you could seek out ancestry records yourself, or hire a professional genealogist to dig up answers, but you’d be missing out on so much. Genealogy can only go back 5-10 generations at best, and professional genealogists can charge up to THOUSANDS of dollars. For more comprehensive answers, you have to go directly to your DNA, precisely where those answers are located.

That's where CRI comes in. CRI is able to reach back 50+ generations, as far back as the 11th century, and sometimes much further. That time marks the beginning of the High Middle Ages, a time of philosophy, evolution, great discovery. Since then, people have crossed borders, oceans, continents, covering nearly every inch of the planet in the process. That’s what’s special about a CRI test: it tells you not only where your ancestors came from, but also WHEN they arrived at each location.

Here’s what else you’re getting when you order a test from CRI:

  • The most customer-friendly DNA company on the market—CRI’s responsive and knowledgeable customer service team is available to answer any questions you have about the product.
  • "I am so grateful for this company and their 5⭐️ service!"

    — Jalen Gdolo Butcher
  • A unique 8-week efficiency guarantee—CRI is the only ancestry company on the market that offers a unique “Efficiency Guarantee”. You’ll get your results in 8 weeks or less—or you don’t pay!
  • “I would highly recommend CRI Genetics. I got my results back in 3 weeks!!!! And their Customer Service is top-notch.”

    — Denise Joe Smith
  • Data safety and privacy—CRI’s high-tech security keeps your data safe and secure. Plus, CRI Genetics is 100% privately owned, meaning they answer to you, the customer.
  • “I would recommend CRI. It’s very private and I like that better.”

    — Shannon R. Hale

The results are in: customers prefer CRI Genetics when it comes to choosing a DNA Test.1

Company Background:

Dr. Alexei Fedorov, Ph.D, started out at Harvard University as an apprentice to Nobel Prize-winning scientist Walter Gilbert, a partner to fellow Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson who along with two other scientists discovered the structure of DNA. Alexei has continued his track record for success and leadership in the field of genetic science for over 35 years.

Now a tenured professor and Director of the Bioinformatics Lab at the University of Toledo, he has developed, guided, and has been involved with many different research projects, and his papers have been cited by other experts literally hundreds of times.2

Dr. Fedorov has partnered with CRI Genetics as Chief Scientific Officer to further mankind’s understanding of the human genome. His algorithm provides advanced genetic reports to individuals, so they can discover themselves and their ancestral past, as well as improve their lives, health and well-being. CRI Genetics does not disappoint.

CRI Genetics Pros:

  • Privately Owned
  • Proprietary DNA Analysis Technology
  • Autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA Tests Offered
  • Headed by Legitimate Professional Geneticist
  • “Efficiency Guarantee” Return Policy

CRI Genetics Cons:

  • Only Ships in United States, Mexico, Canada, & UK
  • Only Ships During Standard Business Hours

CRI's Services:

Ancestry Report

Discover where your ancestors came from and track their migrations to the present day with a roadmap of your ancient heritage (1000+ years) across time to your most recent ancestry (last 5-7 generations).

Ancestry Timeline Report

Representing your last 50+ generations, this eye-opening report reveals both when and where individual ancestries entered your lineage.

Maternal Haplo Report

The mtDNA test maps the historical origins of your mother’s line back 100,000 years. It traces each step your maternal ancestors took along ancient trade routes established by the Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, Romans, and other great civilizations.

Paternal Haplo Report

Dad’s and Grandpa’s genes have been handed down through the males of your family on their Y chromosomes and can be traced back 250,000 years! You now can see clearly the migration paths of your forefathers.

Famous People Report

Related to royalty? Use this report to discover which celebrities, kings and queens, history’s great leaders, even movie stars, may share a family connection with you.

CRI Genetics also Offers 100+ Health & Wellness Reports

Unlock a treasure trove of genetic traits and personal health information based on your DNA. You can lose weight, optimize your vitamin routine, see how your body responds to salt, caffeine and alcohol, even discover information about your sleep tendencies and hormone levels.

How it works:

"Our CRI Genetics kit arrived in 3 days, was easy to use, and took less than 1 minute to complete!"

How CRI Does It:

CRI Genetics uses an advanced genotyping chip technology with ancestry analysis software developed by Dr. Fedorov. In order to calculate your unique BioGeographical Ancestry, Dr. Fedorov’s software compares your DNA against thousands of other samples from around the world, specifically examining 527,414 markers across your entire genome. The analysis combines genetics with anthropology and history to provide some of the most in-depth reports on the market, with ancestry reports that go back further than any known competitor.



After extracting DNA from your cheek swab, the specialized computer algorithm searches your DNA for certain genetic variants. The building blocks of DNA are chemical bases called nucleotides, which come in four varieties—A, T, C, and G (adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine, respectively).

You have 3 billion pairs of these bases, so 6 billion letters in all, strung together in a sequence. Altogether, this genetic information is called your genome.

The computers determine which of the four letters is present at many locations in your genome. Much of the sequence is shared among all humans, so they focus especially on specific letters that vary from person to person, known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Many SNPs have some biological relevance.

For example, having one variant of a specific SNP near the HERC2 gene, which codes for a protein believed to be involved in producing melanin, a group of pigments responsible for skin, eye and hair colors, makes it much more likely you’ll have blue or green eyes. That is why brown eyes often go with brown hair, and blue eyes often go with blonde hair. Other traits and even some diseases are also associated with certain SNPs, some more strongly than others.

To see an entire list of traits that CRI maps out for you, click here.

Return Policy:

CRI Genetics has a unique “Efficiency Guarantee,” where they promise to get you your reports in 8 weeks or less or else you can get your money back. This is unprecedented in an industry that’s known for taking time to produce results and in which return policies are rare.

What is Epigenetics?

Genetics and our environment work together to affect gene "expression".

The science of Epigenetics says that your fate is not written in stone even if you have genetic predispositions. Certain environments and circumstances in life can cause genes to be silenced (turned off), or expressed (turned on) over time.

This means that genes can be activated and deactivated by signals from your environment including stress, nutrition, toxicity exposure, exercise and sleep. You can’t change your genes but you can influence the gene expression, the process where information from a gene’s DNA sequence is translated into proteins that perform a particular function.

Technically, the three ways Epigenetics can directly affect your genes is through DNA Methylation, Histone Modification and Non-Coding RNA.

The result? Two genetically identical twins can experience different symptoms and health conditions due to their different environments. So, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can directly affect your genetics!

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Ancestry Features

Advanced BioGeographical Ancestry Report

Discover the Ancient Origins of your DNA as our advanced algorithm explores the oldest depths of your family history.

Recent Ancestry Analysis

Reveal your most recent family stories. This should confirm what you already know about your Ancestry while adding a few surprises.

Ancestry Timeline Report

Get an estimated year in history when each Ancestry entered your family line. This will help fill in missing pieces of your family tree.

Health Features
See full list of reports

Trait Reports

Learn interesting genetic features about yourself, including your likelihood to have certain physical features (hair/eye color), unique senses of smell, and many more.


Health and Wellness Reports

Understand how your body responds to substances like caffeine and alcohol. Also learn about your sleep tendencies and hormone levels.


Allergy Reports

Find out what allergies and sensitivities you may be susceptible to. Also get useful tips that help you live with your allergies and sensitivities.


Nutrition Reports

Know what your body needs and how it processes certain foods, so you can plan meals that are better suited for your needs.


Weight Loss / Metabolism Reports

Discover a Blueprint for weight loss, customized to your body with a DNA-based analysis of your body’s strengths and needs.


Other Features

World-Class Customer Support

Our customer care team is ready to answer questions before, during, AND after you take your DNA test. Call, email, or tap on the chat button anytime!

8-Week Efficiency Guarantee

We’re proud to offer the only efficiency guarantee in the industry. You get your reports fast or you get your money back.

Reliable Privacy & Security

Your information is separated from your DNA, encrypted, and stored in a secure server. We will never share your info without your explicit permission, ever.

Ancestry+Health Discount

Health, Wellness, Traits, Allergy, Nutrition, and Weight Loss reports.

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Was: $99


Was: $199


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1.  Based on Google and Facebook Reviews 2.


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